Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinner for One

With the hubby being out of town, I thought I would finally get to experiment and make recipes I'd been eyeing or finally buckle down and be a good little weight watcher.

No and no.

Even after going on a "healthy" grocery shopping spree after dropping the hubby off at the airport I still found ways to conveniently be too tired to cook dinner and pack a lunch.

We'll just say Wendy and I became good friends over the past few days.

So today, faced with the prospect of a good flank steak about to go bad, I decided enough was enough and damnit I was going to cook a nice healthy dinner for myself.

Et voila, a beef stir-fry was created.

It's nothing fancy, just sliced up some flank steak and marinated it in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, chili paste, lime juice, and green onion for a few minutes and then stir-fried it with some vegetables. Easy peasy AND I had enough for dinner, tomorrow's lunch, and dinner tomorrow night.

I hope Wendy doesn't miss me too much.

Apology and PSA

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've been packing bentos and cooking, but I've just been too lazy to take pictures and post. A pathetic excuse, but that's really what it is.

To help make up for my lack of attention, I've decided to do a PSA/enabler post.

Those of you who already are or aspire to become cookbook whores -- I've been finding really good deals at Costco lately. They've got all sorts of really good ones and at deeply discounted prices that sometimes beat Amazon prices. Which is good if you're like me and can't stand to wait 3-5 days for your precious new book to arrive.

One thing I've discovered is that sometimes the selection changes very quickly and if you hem and haw too much over buying one, it may not be there in a couple weeks. Good thing I'm obsessive and go back frequently.

Seriously though, I went in last week to get some other stuff and saw the new Ellie Krieger cookbook, and then hit the jackpot when I saw quite a few of the cookbooks put out by Cook's Illustrated like "The Best International Recipe," which I've been coveting for months. I had a really hard time just limiting myself to the two, but in the end the fact that it was raining outside, I had a dinky umbrella, and I didn't want to risk getting any new books wet clinched it for me.

So if you come out of Costco wondering how the hell you spent over $50 on cookbooks and wondering where you're going to put them, it's not my fault!