Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pint-sized lunch

I'm a volume eater. I have to feel full and my plate needs to look full. Packing my lunch in some of these teensy little containers depresses me sometimes.

There's really more food in there than meets the eye, but looking at it makes me hungry.

Leftover hot & spicy ramen noodles in the left compartment, steamed edamame, grape tomatoes, and leftover chicken katsu in the right.

The noodles and chicken turned out great. It's pretty hard to mess up ramen, although I've managed to do it a few times. The chicken katsu was a first for me. Other than getting some hot oil spatters on my hands from turning the chicken over as it was cooking, no casualties! Next time I'll just brown quickly and then bake, since I really don't like frying stuff.

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