Friday, May 22, 2009

The Girls Are Back in Town!

Oh, I'm so looking forward to this weekend!

My girlfriends from back home in Kansas are coming to visit me for a much-needed girls' weekend!

After I moved to Atlanta, they would try to come out to visit me for a few days once in a while and of course I would see them when I went home for visits.

This year we were trying to do something different and all of us would meet somewhere for some fun, but with schedules and life getting in the way we decided to do the tried and true thing and just have them come to visit me!

Where will Mr. Spice be during this estrogen-fest? Well, he will actually be away at a computer geek conference starting this Saturday for a whole week. So it all works out. :)

We've already got lots of fun thing planned -- we're getting massages tomorrow, then going to Agatha's, which is a murder-mystery dinner theater. Very excited about that! There has to be some shopping involved, as well as some junk food and movies.

I do hope to post a little during this long weekend, but if I don't I will see you next week! Have a great weekend!


Brandi said...

have a fun weekend! :)

Lisa~~ said...

Have a great time with your friends, Agatha's is good fun.